What is the White Oak Landing Email list?

The White Oak Landing Email list is a method for reaching neighbors who have asked to participate in discussions via their email accounts. It's like an electronic distribution list.


Other functions:

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Here are messages from neighbors regarding this list:

Nathan Gaskill - Neighborhood Watch  10/7/99

I would like to see more of the neighbors in White Oak Landing join this free service. It is a great way for all of us to communicate to each other to voice our concerns, make our neighborhood a better place and get better acquainted. Not all of us can attend the various meetings all the time. The newsletter does an excellent job keeping us informed about what is going on, but, that is not enough!!! Join today and let's TALK!! 


Stewart Angst - Neighborhood Watch - Glenda Kay Block Captain 1/23/05

This is a great example of how we can have some control over our neighborhood.  I have now been here about 6 1/2 years and I can NOT believe we are only at 75 people on our email Yahoo Group list.  It is a GREAT communication tool, and it really is not JUNK email.  I don't know why so many people are so concerned about junk emails that they won't join the WOL list.  It should be important enough to any neighbor that they should be willing to register and start following the few emails that come across on the email list!


Why join our email list?

To make communication with our neighbors easier and faster. Without an email list, each of us would have to collect the email addresses of our neighbors & keep them up to date if we wanted to have email discussions about the neighborhood.


How does a list work?

Anyone on the list can send one copy of a message, for example a question about when to fertilize a lawn. The list will then send one copy of this message to everyone who has signed up for the list.


Who will be on the list?

This will be a restricted list. That means that only the people approved by the list owner can send or receive messages via this list. All residents who ask to be added to the list will be added. However, any participant who abuses the list will be removed. (See below for descriptions of such abuse.) Because no one except White Oak Landing residents will be on this list, no junk mail will come to you via this list.


What sort of messages would be appropriate for this list?

Only messages of potential interest to all of our neighbors will be allowed on this list. Examples of appropriate topics might include:

  • an announcement of a White Oak Landing Home Owners Association event 
  • a request for a recommendation for a good insulation contractor 
  • an announcement that a teenager has gone into the baby-sitting or lawn mowing business 


What sort of messages will NOT be tolerated on this list?

Advertisements of non-neighbor interest or abuses. Abuses of the list include:

  • messages that are not of potential interest to everyone in the neighborhood
  • use of foul or offensive language
  • argumentative or accusatory messages directed at any neighor
  • Jokes - no jokes are to be sent via this list. (I love jokes, but my email accounts are choked up with them already.)

As soon as any abuses are noticed, abusers of the list will be removed. 


How do I join the list?

Click to subscribe to WhiteOakLanding


After joining, to send email to those who have signed up for this community, use the email addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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