The marquee at the front entry of the neighborhood is for communicating updated information to all and for messages based on suggestions from neighbors and upcoming events.  It's a good vehicle for getting the word out about upcoming or current events, celebrations, pool closings, lost animals, etc.

The marquee is for all WOL Homeowners Association members.

Since the HOA doesn’t pay for a regularly published newsletter, the marquee has been the only way besides a costly mailing that residents can be notified of upcoming events or important issues. Because the HOA pays for its maintenance, the marquee is an amenity of the WOL Homeowners Association. As such, messages pertaining to WOL issues take priority over personal requests and residents requesting a message must have HOA dues paid in full.

Pete and Kim Tevlin were the caretakers of the marquee for several years. Stewart Angst took over the Marquee in Dec. 2011. Thank you Stewart! Fritz Lang has volunteered August 2012. Thanks Fritz!

We'll try to honor all requests. Recognize that it sometimes becomes loaded and that requests for personal messages are posted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please go to and click on “Marquee” to request your message.

On the web form, be sure to fill in street address and e-mail address so you can be contacted if there is a problem or question regarding your request. Also please make your request at least one week in advance or longer if possible.

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